2007      MFA, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA and Rome, Italy (Honors)
2005      Post Baccalaureate Certificate, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
2003      BA, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA Double major in Painting and                  Classics 
2002      Undergraduate Affiliate Study Program, Slade School of Fine Art,                         University College London, England


2017      Lunar Spring, The Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Richmond, VA
             Curated by Melissa Messina, (upcoming with catalogue)
2016      Animal Print, Monya Rowe Gallery, St. Augustine, FL 
2016      Spelboken, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, TX
2016      H E X A M, The Galveston Art Center, Galveston, TX
2015      Bloom, SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA 
2015      H E X ∆ M, The Old Jail Art Center, Albany, TX 
2014      Glyph, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY
2013      In the garden, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, TX
2013      thornappleflower, Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, NM
2012      Jungle Book, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY
2011      Implausible Tiger, Bryan Miller Gallery, Houston, TX
2011      The Daisy Argument, Visual Arts Center, University of Austin, TX
2009      PULSE Miami, Solo Presentation, Bryan Miller Gallery, Miami, FL
2008      Panta Rei, Extraspazio Gallery, Rome, Italy
2007      Signs, Temple Gallery, Rome, Italy
2017      Did you ever see such a thing as a drawing of a muchness?, Hudson                   Showroom at Artpace, San Antonio, TX, Curated by Michelle Grabner
2016      Growing Wild, two-person exhibition with Anthony Sonnenberg,                         Brookfield Arts, Houston, TX
2015      Out of place, Monya Rowe Gallery, St. Augustine, FL                       2015      Destination Unknown, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, TX 
2015      Dual / Nature, Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Spring, TX                            (catalogue)
2015      Plant People, the Galveston Artist Residency, Galveston, TX
2014      Pulp, Cohen Gallery, Alfred University, Alfred, NY
2013      Animal House, Cargo Space at the Hardesty Arts Center, Tulsa,                          OK (catalogue)
2013      Inaugural Group Exhibition at 34 Orchard Street, Monya Rowe                          Gallery, New York, NY
2013      Paper Art, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands (catalogue)
2012      This is how my brain works, Radiator Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2012      Paperless, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-                        Salem, NC (catalogue)
2011      Portland Museum of Art Biennial, Portland Museum of Art, Portland,                    ME (catalogue)
2011      Aggetti - progettazioni - proiezioni - prominenze - protuberanze -                      sporgenze, Extraspazio Gallery,  Rome, Italy
2010      Girls Just Want to Have Funds (organized by the Rema Hort                              Mann Foundation), PPOW Gallery, New York, NY
2010      Art on paper 2010: The 41st Exhibition, Weatherspoon Museum of                    Art, Greensboro, NC
2010      A Torrent of Words: Contemporary Art and Language,                                      John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI (catalogue)
2010      Core Exhibition, Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston,                TX (catalogue)
2010      Project Space: New Works by Natasha Bowdoin and                                          Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Bryan Miller Gallery, Houston, TX
2009      Toil and Trouble, Bryan Miller Gallery, Houston, TX
2009      Core Exhibition, Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston,                TX (catalogue)
2009      Rich Text, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2008      Paper[space], The Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA
2008      2007 Joan Mitchell MFA Grant Recipient Show, The Cue                                    Art Foundation, New York, NY (catalogue)
2008      Myths and Fables: Alexander DeMaria and Natasha Bowdoin, Julie                      Chae Gallery, Boston, MA
2007      The Fluid Field: Abstraction and Reference, Tyler Gallery, Elkins                        Park, PA, Curated by Dona Nelson (catalogue)
2007      VOXXOXO, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Curated by                              Kirby Gookin and Sheryl Conkleton
2006      Seven in a box, Temple Gallery, Rome, Italy, Curated                                        by Cecilia Canziani
2006      Works on Paper, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside,                                  PA, Curated by Cornelia Butler


2014-2015  Arts Initiative Grant to organize Sumi Ink Club exhibtion, Rice                           University, Houston, TX
2013-2015  Presidential Research Grant, Rice University, Houston, TX
2012-2013   Artist in Residence, Roswell Artist Residency Program, Roswell, NM
2012           Artist in Residence, The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts,                           Omaha, NE
2011           Louis Comfort Tiffany Award Nominee, Louis Comfort Tiffany                             Foundation, New York, NY
2008-2010  Artist in Residence, The Core Program, Museum of Fine Arts                               Houston, TX
2007           MFA Grant Recipient, The Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York, NY


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2007      Dona Nelson, "The Fluid Field: Abstraction and Reference," exhibition                catalogue essay, October 2007. 


2013-Present    Assistant Professor, Painting and Drawing, Rice University
                       Houston, TX
2011-2012       Visiting Lecturer, Rice University, Houston, TX 
2008-2011       Instructor, The Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts
                       Houston, TX 


2015      Organized symposium "On Drawing" at Rice University, March 20,                      2015.

             "On Drawing" was conceived to examine questions around what defines              drawing today, where are its boundaries and what continues to make                the field compelling. Claire Gilman, Curator at The Drawing Center in                  New York; Michelle White, Curator at the Menil Collection; and Los                    Angeles-based artist Robyn O'Neil were invited to discuss drawing                      through their own experience. A panel discussion followed each                          speaker's presentation.  

2015      Organized Sumi Ink Club public drawing project at Rice University.                    With the support of an Arts Initiative Fund University Grant, the                        founders of Sumi Ink Club, Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck were invited              to host three open to the public drawing sessions in the Rice Media                    Center,  creating an improvisational drawing directly on the walls of the              gallery space with community participants. 

             Sumi Ink Club is a participatory drawing project established in                          2005. The club produces work cooperatively in open-to-the-public                      meetings, which can be organized by anyone at any time. In each of its              permutations, Sumi Ink Club uses group drawing as a means to open                and fortify social interactions that bleed into everyday life. 


2015      Participation in "Fossilized in Houston," a partnership between Houston              based artists and environmentalists to raise awareness on the                            consequences of climate change. Artists were asked to create and                      contribute images (drawings, painting, collages) of species endangered              by climate change. These images in turn will be used for a guerilla art                campaign of hundreds of lawn signs, thousands of posters and stickers              installed throughout Houston to help bring these facts to light. 


2012      Participation in The Intersections Project running a workshop entitled                "Illuminated Manuscripts" with students at the John F. Kennedy High                  School, Winston-Salem, NC, October 2012.

             For this project Bowdoin worked with students in James Allred’s Art and              Brittany Payne’s and Kerri Chewning's English classes to help students                imagine how text might be a catalyst for art making. 
             The Intersections Project is an ongoing collaborative initiative launched              by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, the Winston-                        Salem/Forsyth County Schools, and the Arts Council of Winston-                        Salem/Forsyth County. In a unique partnership, visiting artists and                    classroom educators work together to develop arts integrated lesson                  plans and residencies for classroom applications.  



2016      Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
2015      Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
2014      Rice Art Gallery, Houston, TX
2013      Hardesty Art Center, Tulsa, OK
2013      Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe, NM
2013      Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, NM
2012      The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE
2012      The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, 
             Winston-Salem, NC
2009      Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX
2007      Temple University, Rome, Italy

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